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"Marie embodies all of the qualities you hope to have in therapist. She is professional but approachable, and she has the gift of guiding you through both the complexity and the vulnerability of therapy without judgment.

I would not hesitate to recommend working with Marie; in fact, I would shout it from the rooftops to let people know how kind, open-minded and supportive she is.

Despite having years of therapy previously, having learned coping skills and ways to manage my mental health, I had never truly worked on the core of my trauma, anxiety and eating disorder. When I reached out to Marie, I was desperate & approaching hopelessness.


Through patience and grace, she has empowered me to honor and acknowledge all of the different parts of my trauma all while reassuring me that she is in my corner whether I’ve made a breakthrough, or feel like I’ve taken two steps backward.

It is hard to write a brief testimony as working with Marie has truly changed my life. Through hard work and commitment of my own; having her beside me through this journey I have healed and grown more in the past 8 months than I have in years of prior therapy.

Starting therapy can undoubtedly be uncomfortable, however, if you are looking for someone with compassion who will support your journey of connecting deeply with your inner dialogue and guide you through the transformation of healing trauma, I highly recommend Marie."

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